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About the Sprite/Midget
5-Speed Kit

Are you tired of your Spridget engine buzzing at 4000 RPM at cruising speed? Fed up with expensive transmission overhauls - over and over? Do you wear out your clutch because you canít shift to low on the move?

The Rivergate Five Speed Conversion Kit may be just what you need. Our kit uses a Datsun 210 transmission. These gearboxes are very reliable and give excellent performance.

Imagine being able to shift into low gear at 5 or 10 miles per hour. The synchronized low gear in the Datsun transmission will let you do that. With the overdrive fifth gear you can cruise at 60-65 MPH at 3,000-3,300 RPM - nice and quietly, too. This transmission is noticeably quieter than even a perfect stock Spridget gearbox.

Since the car is not cut or altered in any way the kit is invisible unless you open the hood and then not much shows except the edge of the aluminum adapter plate between your engine and transmission and it looks better than the iron plate anyway.

This is the most complete, easiest to install 5-speed kit ever made for the Sprite/Midget. It requires no modification to the engine, the flywheel, the driveshaft or to the chassis or body of your Sprite or Midget.

Instructions are well detailed, with color photos for clarity.

The Datsun 5-Speed transmissions are available for a reasonable price.


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